Thesis submission

Submit a digital copy of your thesis as per the requirements of the university holding the defense. Also provide hard copies to jury members who request one.The University Digital Production Center can provide assistance,

Also submit a digital copy to the university library.
Before the defense

For the title page of the thesis, use the university's template and follow the style guide:

Check that the information about your thesis is correct in your account, or on If you wish you can include the summary of your thesis and keywords. Once the thesis is recorded as defended, it can no longer be edited.
One month before the defense, in accordance with the decree of May 25, 2016, make an appointment with the campus university library for the legal deposit of your thesis. A remote deposit can be organized if you are unable to come in person.
Literature university library (SHAL Doctoral School):
+33 (0)4 93 37 55 07

You must provide:

  • The thesis file(s) in pdf format.
  • The forms "Conformity of the digital version and authorization to distribute" and "Internet distribution agreement" completed and signed.
  • The files of the title page, keywords and summaries in .doc format in French and in English.

You can download these documents here: sa-these-de-doctorat
After the technical validation of the deposit, the BU gives you a certificate of deposit. A digital copy is sent to the Doctoral School administration. The defense cannot be held until the Doctoral School has received the certificate of deposit.
After the defense

The Doctoral School administration sends the form "Opinion of the jury" to the university librairy. This form specifies:

  • Whether editing has been requested by the defense jury within the statutory three months.
  • Whether the thesis is declared confidential by the university and the confidentiality period.

 The Doctoral School does not grant a diploma or certificate of completion until a digital copy of the thesis has been submitted.

Second deposit
If the jury requests modificatons, you must deposit the corrected version within the mandatory period of three months. 
The corrected version must be approved by the thesis supervisor, after which it is transferred by the Doctoral School administration to the university library for the second deposit.
With the second deposit, the doctoral student confirms that the editing requested during the defense and listed in the report has been made, using the form "Compliance of the corrected digital version".
After confirming the deposit, the university library gives the doctoral student a certificate confirming the second deposit. A digital copy is sent to the Doctoral School administration.