RPL doctorate

Procedure for obtraining a doctorate based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

In line with the decision of the Board of Academics and Student Life (CEVU) of October 9, 2009,  an applicant wishing to obtain a doctorate by RPL should complete a pre-application provided by Unicepro (http://unice.fr/formation/ formation-continue) and send it to the Director of the Doctoral School for evaluation by the Scientific Council of Doctoral Schools. The applicant choses his or her future thesis supervisor, who will help prepare the pre-application.

The Scientific Council of the College of Doctoral Studies convenes an ad hoc meeting to evaluate the request and make a decision, which is then sent to the candidate.

Evaluation criteria:
  • The applicant must have a supervisor who can approve his or her application and is willing to advise the candidate until the defense.
  • The applicant must present an application that shows his or her ability both to present a well-defined project, in which the scientific issues and objectives are clearly described, and to independently manage his or her research.
  • The applicant must have previously been published.
  • The quality of the applicant's application must meet the standards of the National Council of Universities (CNU).
  • The thesis may be based on work already completed, but must include an original introduction, conclusion and bibliography.
Source: http://unice.fr/recherche/college-des-etudes-doctorales/faire-sa-these-a-luns/la-these-par-vae