Enrollment extension

Exceptional enrollment beyond the third year

All extensions to the standard duration of a doctorate must be duly justified, and must specify the progress achieved and the reasons for the extension.

Reminder: In accordance with the decree of May 25, 2016, Art. 14, a doctorate in the Doctoral School is usually completed within three years of full-time research. The doctorate can exceptionally be extended to six years at the most Extensions may be granted by the head of the institution to students with disabilities who make the request and provide justification.
Doctoral students who had to take a maternity, paternity, childcare or adoption leave, a parental leave, a sick leave, lasting more than four consecutive months or a leave of at least two months following a work accident, can be granted an extension if they make the request. Annual extensions may be granted exceptionally by the head of the institution at the request of the thesis supervisor and with the approval of the follow-up committee and the director of the Doctoral School after examination of the student's motivated request. The list of students who have received an extension is presented each year to the Doctoral School Council and communicated to the research committee of the academic council or to the body holding this function in the relevant institution. A doctoral student may exceptionally request an uninterrupted leave of absence of one year at the most and taken only once. The leave of absence is granted by the head of the institution where the doctoral student is enrolled, with the approval of the employer, if relevant, the thesis supervisor and the director of the Doctoral School. During this period, the doctoral student temporarily interrupts his or her course work and research, but can remain enrolled in the institution, if he or she wishes. This period is not counted in the duration of the doctorate. Enrollment of a doctoral student who takes a leave of absence is guaranteed at the end of this absence.

Students requesting an extension to enroll in a fourth year (or more) must follow the recommendations of the document "Supporting documents for the request for extension". The request must very clearly present the reasons for requesting an extension and provide a spreadsheet describing the activities or interruptions that caused the need for an extension.
  • Students requesting an extension for a fourth year must submit their request before September 30 on eCandidat:  http://eCandidat.univ-cotedazur.fr
    • The extension request form, available in the downloadable documents, with the reasoned opinion of the thesis supervisor and the signature of the laboratory head.
    • Update of the courses followed, in ADUM. Please refer the follow-up sheet.
    • An activity report of minimum 5 pages and maximum 15 pages presenting the state of progress of your thesis with the following 8 headings (to be added to the document below):
      • Summarized theoretical framework and hypotheses
      • Summary of the method
      • Partial results
      • Results still to be obtained to finish the thesis and a specific timetable of remaining tasks
      • Specific difficulties encountered
      • Support received from the laboratory during the year
      • Bibliographic references (the references listed must be inserted in the body of the text), a complete bibliography is not necessary
      • Thesis written so far (title page, table of contents, chapters already written)
    • Report of the thesis follow-up committee, whose conclusion must be added to the extension request form (use the table in the doctoral agreement)
    • A letter explaining the reasons for the need for an extension and supporting documents (employer certificate, medical certificate, etc.). If you need an extension because of a job, please provide a certificate from the employer specifying the exact duration of full-time or part-time work accumulated since the beginning of the doctorate. If you need an extension because of a short-term teaching contract, provide a certificate stating the number of hours taught since the beginning of the doctorate. If you need an extension because of a health problem, provide a medical certificate stating how long you have been on sick leave and/or how many times since the beginning of the doctorate. If you have been delayed by practical problems (e.g., equipment failure, delayed archaeological excavations), provide a detailed letter explaining the circumstances for the delay. The extension request must very clearly state the reasons why you are behind schedule and provide a spreadsheet summarizing the activities or interruption. It should specify the total number of months corresponding to these different periods (except for teaching where the total should be in hours). In all cases, attach supporting documents (to justify work and/or illness) to the request.
    • For re-enrollment in a fourth year, the thesis supervisor shall ask you to provide the Doctoral School with a detailed outline and the equivalent of one third of the final written thesis.
    • Beyond the fourth year, you must submit the request for an additional year of re-enrollment together with the equivalent of two thirds of the final written thesis and a detailed timetable of the work to be completed before the defense. You must also commit to a specific date (month/year) for the defense.
    • If you have finished writing your thesis (and if your enrollment has been interrupted), you can request to re-enroll to complete your defense within three months’ time. In this case, the jury must be appointed and the prospective reviewers must have agreed to complete their assignment. Note: Students re-enrolling to defend their thesis must pay the usual fees associated with a standard administrative registration (the fees are exactly the same as for a normal enrollment, regardless of the date of the defense).
Note: SCANS/PDF documents -Documents created using a software program (e.g. WORD or ADOBE) must be saved in PDF format within that software and not scanned with a printer. Other documents must be scanned flat with a scanner offering good resolution. Photographs of documents (e.g. taken using a phone) are not allowed.

IMPORTANT: extension requests must be examined by the Doctoral School Committee; this process can take several weeks.