Registration in STEP

Since 1968, the titles of all the theses in preparation in Literature, the Humanities and Social Sciences, Theology, Law, Political Science, Economics and Business Administration have to be listed in the Central Thesis File (FCT).
This publicly accessible database was created to provide future doctoral students, thesis supervisors, and more generally the entire scientific community with information as accurate as possible about doctoral research in progress, and find the latest research on a theme or discipline.
It is good practice to report a thesis in preparation as it contributes to the visibility of French research. It does not however guarantee any protection or exclusivity with respect to the topic studied.
The doctoral student and the thesis supervisor are responsible for ensuring that topics submitted are original and have a scientific interest. They must both make sure not to propose or approve a topic already listed.
In September 2011, the Central Thesis File managed by ABES became STEP and was extended to all university disciplines.
ABES is only a technical platform for reporting current theses. It does not confirm the scientific interest of a topic submitted.