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COVID-19: Due to the closed campus policy, please find below some information on ways to maintain links with other Ph.D. students
- Go to the ParenThèse PACA Facebook page
Please continue to support the experimental research of psychology students. Students may suggest experiments that can be conducted remotely.
  • Paul Bertin from the LAPCOS laboratory is looking for candidates to conduct a 5-to-8 minute experiment on the theme of beliefs and perceptions around the coronavirus pandemic. This study is an attempt to contribute to the research effort that arose in response to the emergency and the critical nature of the situation. The experiment consists of around forty closed questions and is open to all participants (the only condition is to have French nationality). Please note that only 100 participants are missing to have the minimum sample needed (but more participants would be welcome since the study is exploratory). Paul Bertin is a second-year Ph.D. student and is planning to defend his thesis on October 10, 2021. Link to the study:
  • Anaïs Tran Ngoc, a first-year Ph.D. student at the BCL laboratory, is conducting a 20-minute experiment on the perception of whistled speech. The experiment consists in listening to whistled phonemes and categorizing them. Participants of all ages are accepted, the only condition is to have French as a mother tongue.  
  • Future announcements will be posted soon...

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